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  1. amykorman says:

    Thank you so much to for a fantastic review of Killer WASPs!

    Her take: Review:

    After reading Killer Wasps I looked up author Amy Korman to see if she had any other books like the one I had just finished reading. Come to my surprise that this is Amy’s debut novel. It is freaking fantastic. Amy takes mystery and adds humor as well as a hint of seduction to it and makes a high rating book. The only way that I would have marked it any higher was if there was a post-epilogue available. Honestly, I was so shocked at the twist in events towards the end that I belted out laughing. I never saw where the story was going.

    I thought a lot about what was my favorite part of the book. I will say in the almost two years that I have reviewing I can admit this is a first that my favorite part had to do with animals. I enjoyed Waffles the fat dog and Norman the horse. Waffles has a thing for McDonalds, and instead of a car Norman is used for a mode of transportation around town. Ha!! The owner of Norman would ride the horse to the country club or to the store. She never used a car. Now does a horse have a right of way in a lane of traffic?

    The plot line is also unique. Suspicious injuries are happening in this small town and three close friends are about to find the keys to close the case. Honestly, the things that these women did to “investigate” had me falling off my chair. Everyone is a suspect in their eyes, and they will hunt down the perp until he/she is caught.

    Amy did a fantastic job of taking a mystery and adding comedy to it. Honestly, I would watch this if it were a movie. She also creates such a perfect picture of what the town is like that the reader can almost feel like they are present. I was really hoping Amy had another book out there because I was in the mood to one-click. Sadly, her next book won’t be out until Spring of 2015. I cannot wait to see more from this author.

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